About Us

1LogTech (1LT) is a pioneering logistics technology company dedicated to addressing the unique challenges businesses encounter in integrating logistics data and technology. The company has revolutionized the integration process, enabling non-technical users to effortlessly set up integrations by filling out a simple Excel worksheet. This breakthrough eliminates the need for developers and extensive programming, allowing companies to establish integrations within hours and at a fraction of the traditional cost.

Vision and Offering

The vision for 1LT is to become a complete B2B logistics data connector. Our initial focus is on carrier communications, encompassing quotes, tenders, status, and document exchange. The platform provides a comprehensive integration solution with SupportOPS capabilities, incorporating AI/ML for tracking and error correction.

Founding Team

Co-founded by veterans of the transportation management software (TMS) industry, 1LT benefits from the leadership of a CEO with a track record of successful companies. To-date the company has been self-funded by the founders, demonstrating commitment and belief in the project.

Market Opportunity

1LT addresses the limitations of current connectivity solutions, which are often expensive and code-intensive. Despite many systems offering APIs, a significant programming effort is still required to connect to these APIs. With over a million possible connections there is no way any competitive offering can write programming to them all. It’s why the industry, in some segments, continues to rely on outdated and costly 1980s-era EDI van technology. 1LT, with its simple methodology for connecting trading partners, AI for data accuracy, and a no-code tool empowering operations teams to set up connections without developers, is poised to disrupt the connectivity market.

Unique Value Proposition

With the potential to create all necessary connections, 1LT’s approach stands out as a game-changer. By combining simplicity, AI assistance for data quality, and a user-friendly no-code tool, 1LT aims to redefine how connectivity is created and establish itself as a leader in the market.

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