Main Platform for Transmission / Transformation of Data


Allows for Creating and Modification of Integrations


Designed for 3PLs/Brokers to connect to their customers digitally, it allows standard connectivity to most commercial ERPs

Coming Soon: 1LT-SysOps

Error reporting / Notifications using AI for anomalies detection

Connect to Any TL carrier in 2hours of effort

1Logtech connectivity for TMS to TL Carrier Operations

Efficient Integration: 1Logtech is a groundbreaking self-connect integration platform as a service (iPaaS) that empowers your TMS (transportation management system) users to connect with any Truckload carrier in just about 2 hours of effort (carrier must be EDI or API capable.)

Enhanced Visibility: With ELD mandates, carriers now have the capability to provide GPS location updates along with their status updates. Enhanced status updates improve ETA accuracy, informing you when a driver is arriving, when loading/unloading is complete, and when exceptions occur. Receive appointment information directly into your TMS and reduce manual processes and check-calls. Does your current solution offer this level of detail?

Streamlined Operations: For contract freight, digital connectivity allows you to tender loads, receive tender acceptance, and obtain pro numbers, eliminating the need for emails and phone calls. Modern TMS systems, thrive on real-time data from carriers.

Simplified Carrier Connections: Historically, connecting carriers has been challenging, involving third-party services, EDI providers, or internal IT resources. These traditional methods come with high costs and development delays. 1Logtech changes the game by enabling TMS users to set up connections themselves—without IT or developer intervention. It’s so simple that everyone who sees it wonders why it hasn’t been done before.

Quick and Effective Integration: With approximately 2 hours of user effort over two weeks, you can establish a fully operational integration, including tendering, acceptance, and status updates. 1Logtech provides a standard operating procedure (SOP) for onboarding new carriers, covering data format establishment, SFTP credentials, testing, and production—all handled by your TMS team, not external developers. This in-house approach significantly reduces costs compared to traditional methods.

The Future of Integration: Self-connect is the future of integration. Forrester Research refers to this trend as the rise of the “Citizen Integrator.” Unlike other solutions that require costly developers, self-connect eliminates that expense.

Cutting-Edge and Cost-Effective: Purpose built on state-of-the-art AWS technology, it costs us less to operate and can offering a cost-effective solution compared to older alternatives.

Get in Touch: For more information or to see a 5-minute demo of how it works, reach out to [email protected]. 1Logtech is a disruptive technology that will transform the way we approach integrations.

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